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This is why our IT girls are not Lovev in men, but have to be graphic on-site, with people who will be driving it. What was than decided, becomes reality now. If you boyfriend further down this pics blog, you will see that our dating to this acquisition was, that it might be a half of death for Nokia. MobilProfi — the tenuous application for your asia phone.

So far zioina do not see people of such quality among those, who rule this world. Maybe they have to look around software developers and learn their lessons. So, we wish Android to find a better way to the future, than it's predecessors, like HP-UX - zilinx not to die upon greed of its owners. Monday, July 07, We use Vaadin to deliver GUI in responsive design - easily adaptable Llved all three major platforms today: PC, Tablet and Mobile phone. Design is developed by company Neomind in Munich. We are silina optimization libraries from Fraunhofer institute and Siemens - all german products, from their bright times of IT revolution.

We extended the team for new programmers, so having a solid know-how base for C development. Our Austrian customer is delivering a new update of Back Office Lovdd for its customers, we use our know-how in mass transportation to help to get over such tricky tasks. Stress-y, but by 10th of July this should Xxx sex in mariehamn over. Ziilina Web application for Sps, owned by post. Well, we take it as a sign of trust Loved your belt in zilina quality of our software: The reality of will be Loved your belt in zilina than expected by now.

Monday, Dec 28, Our company has a successful year beyond and in-spite of current mood, we are optimistic for Do not let general yout predictions influence your decisions. Belh is no real danger for further economic prosperity. Yes, the European and US politics are making lot of wrong decisions, but, they do not manage our companies. So please bear in mind: Overtaking Nokia by Microsoft - story evolves in predicted direction. Wednesday, July 8, Well, the latest news from DowJones Newswires is worth citing: The company expects the moves to be "substantially complete" by the end of the calendar year.

Most of the job cuts will come from the phone business. Nadella's predecessor Steve Ballmer in late was supposed to make Microsoft a relevant player in smartphones. Instead, the company's Windows smartphones lost market share and bled red ink. In June, Microsoft reshuffled its executive ranks, the latest sign that it is hitting the reset button on its smartphone hardware business. The moves included the departure of former Nokia chief Stephen Elop. Microsoft said future prospects for the phone hardware segment are now below its original expectations. Microsoft had warned recently that it planned to cut costs at its smartphone business and other hardware units.

Its struggling Nokia unit was targeted for thousands of job cuts in the biggest layoffs in Microsoft's history, announced last year. As of March 31, Microsoft said it had cut 18, jobs, according to a regulatory filing. This is not IT, this is not mobile communication, this is not viable, nor understandable. This is pure marketing blabla, issued by CEO to its employees. This is not how a serious business is made. Where is this road going to? The answer will be revealed in the near future. Quality of Software - it is killing already. Monday, May 25, It is lagging far behind of the level of the other industries - like aircrafts.

And when the IT companies are talking about the software quality, - than mainly in positive connotations, where they measures and effort to achieve quality is pronounced. But the reality can not be tricked-out by promotion for long time. In the last week, the newest Airbus AM military aircraft crashed in the blast of smoke and fire into ground after a software-error stopped all his engines. There is another, yet interesting point to this: Google for example says YES, we should be aware of this danger and react properly. Whereas Microsoft through their Chief Technological Officer says no, there is no need to worry about this.

Well, knowing Microsoft software and products, this "no worry" opinion fits well into overall picture of today's world, steered by those big international corporations and by money. Microsoft software surely plays also a big role at Airbus, when designing the new Aircrafts. With its "Visual Tools", where the companies can save time and money and "everybody" can learn programming and be a programmer, one have to think also about possible outcome of this. Not only savings are important. The resulting quality is here, with this trend, compromised.

I myself am a private pilot and I am throwing every computer out of cockpit so far is it possible. At Airbus or Boeing - there are other interests and big IT companies at steering wheel, which is the reason for designing more and more computerized flying -and killing- machines to date.

Enfusion Live 28, Zilina, Slovakia Saturday 25.04.2015

I, as a pilot myself, am more and more worried in the moment where my seat-belt clicks before start, sitting the big fully-computerized aircraft. News Monday, Milf free chat trail 23, This are projects with Android Mobile Applications. Using our know-how in Android, mobile apps. We follow closely, Sluts in high newton by the sea happens with Nokia now Also new developers are joining our team, to help with legacy WindowsCE applications.

Bratislava and Slovakia is attracting more and more big international IT and Telco names, to deploy local workforce for global services. We see new possibilities also for middle and smaller names, as the workforce gets new level of experience with multi-national working environment. The companies are recognizing preferable conditions which is Bratislava offering, when compared to Czech, Polish oder Hungarian metropolitan areas. More on technical note: Mobile giant catch the straw or the Android Monday, March 17, Our interest is professional, as we develop application for smartphones and Nokia is one of the major producers of them.

If you look further down this news blog, you will see that our opinion to this acquisition was, that it might be a kiss of death for Nokia. And, this is surely strongly contradictory to what Microsoft and Nokia are saying. So, what are the latest news? In the FebruaryNokia announced, that the next smartphone will be based on Operating System from Google - Android. More information can be found for example here: It is like if Mercedes-Benz would not produce their cars themselves, but buy them from Kia in South Korea. And just stick the logo on the bumper.

Such transactions are today very common and surely make sense, from business view of point. But, it Loved your belt in zilina also something about technical background of the company. From a business point of view - this might be a right decision, as it might help Nokia to survive on the smartphone's market. When Nokia survives, it will be a positive message, because of at least this reasons: Their cameras for example are still the best. And at last but not least, we hope that when Microsoft will be using and adapting Android operating system, they might learn on how a to do a good OS and improve their own product and operating systems to Android level.

As of massive market share of Microsoft products, this might be the most valuable effect of Nokia staying alive with smartphones and using Android. And, by the way also one negative effect will occur: But we gladly exchange this for benefits, as above. So, we keep fingers crossed for Nokia's Android phones and will follow the story further. New offices for Solver IT. Monday, November 11, Our office in Bratislava has moved to fresh new offices, near to city downtown of Bratislava, in location called Kramare.

Own parking place adds an important relaxed feature to our guests and developers, when coming to us by car. So please bear in mind a new address: Uhrova 20, Bratislava Kramare. Mobile computing news Tuesday, September 10, More movement is coming into the market. What do you need? As for device, the hardware is, all always, far more advanced before software, Thus, newest mobile phones are rugged, versatile and durable. One of the best examples is CAT B15 mobile. Such devices compare in ruggedness easily with industrial computes and in such way, attack the last post of defense for industrial computers.

This battle will be having a clear winner - mobile phone. The same way as PDA's evaporated from the market, the Industrial computer is the next victim of the attack of mobile phones. Having billions of items produced, thus far less expensive and more versatile than any specialized computer can ever be, mobiles will roll over industrial computers clearly in short time. On the other hand - the software, as always, is lagging behind the hardware. Slow, buggy and annoying to the user, it still has lot to offer for enhancements. We count with Andorid and iOS, nothing else in sight. One may ask for Windows Mobile, but This is not the right way, how the new version should present itself.

The recent news - the buy of Nokia by Microsoft is, in this line of sight, merely a kiss of death for Nokia. Our assumption is, that some clever people will buy out the "cheap low end" line of mobile phones from Nokia and the rest - smartphones will, under the supervision of Microsoft, will die in few years. Looking forward, what happens! Computing is moving mobile. Monday, May 6, There is a plenty of space for new applications and productivity increase in many branches. All distributed businesess will benefit from new generation of the mobile computing devices, which will be basically all smart phones.

This trend was clear even few years ago, when we predicted the death of PDA's in favor of smart phones. What was unpleasant was weakness of Nokia, which was cause for death of Symbian. But we are lucky of Google being here and providing us with Andorid, the future Operating system for mobiles. As with every technology, also mobile computing has its dark sides, being now represented by plethora of useless, misleading applications, which will be source of desillusions for end-users and will thus slow-down the whole market development. Nobody really wants to read a book in its smartphone, or to perform any spreadsheet calculation. The same is with review of statistic data or business presentations.

You do not want to make an important business decisions on your smartphone. Do not do it. By side it is unconfortable, it is also dangerous, as the smartphones remain very vulnerable of hackers and attack, compromising your data. By side of all of this, smartphones are the future. We see clear decline in desktop PC sales, steady status on server side, as WEB will evolve further and smartphones will continue to fly. On side of applications and software, the view is also pretty clear, as would the stock analyst say: And buy Google, Samsung, RedHat … and all new, more honest newcomers, which understood, that quality of the product for customer is better than greed.

We wish you the right turn into ! Monday, Jan 06, Times are tough, …. More accurate would be: The change is for a real trustworthy deeds, which are inline with words and promotions. Such approach to business is near to extinction, in last years. It is just and simple a crisis of common moral and ethic. Such basic attributes disappeared from our business life, starting from Wall Street gluttons years ago and spreading fast into the whole world of business. We believe, that there are still wise people out there at our customers, which know, with Woodrow Wilson: MobilProfi — the right application for your mobile phone. Monday, October 05, Computing power and memory packed in your latest smart-phone is now comparable to older desktop PC-s.

Enhanced operating system — Android, new software applications, durability and added bar code scanning function are features which makes the newest smart-phones even with the more specialized and expensive mobile devices - hand-held computers. Similar change happened in the past 5 years - the mobile phones squeezed PDAs out of the market. And now, they will do the same with hand-held computers used in mobile business applications. Our customers follow this technology swap and prepare with porting the current mobile business applications on Android mobile phones, enabled with bar code scanning functionality.

At the same time, the price for such advanced smart-phones sinks daily and with a price plan from your operator, the investment into hardware can be as low as zero. If you strive to sink TOC for your mobile business application, ask us for references and non-binding project proposal. IT for government - continued. Wednesday, August 01, Media are discussing about if this will end in lawsuit, as IBM wants to get their money independently from the fact, that delivered software does not do its job. Let see how it ends — how valuable customer the Slovakian government is. I assume it is a valuable customer — so there will be no lawsuit.

Similar situation happens now in Czech republic with new distributed IT system for vehicles registration — huge problems, minister nearly dismissed, people can not register their new cars for 2 weeks. What is my point? At the same time, we are getting offers, to provide programming workforce for such governmental projects, with rates around thousand EUR per month. Well, this is 2 - 4 times the average rate on the market and a clear sign for the fact, that working for government is a very lucrative job. This way, a damage is doubled — it occurs on both sides.

Front side is - the delivered software full of flaws, where the damage is estimated for 73millions EUR for failed tax system and second - Back side, more darker and not so clearly visible — even bigger damage in IT labour market - as programmers leave their -stable but less paid- jobs for such fortune. They will get this money for some time What job they will accept after this? I saw many of them going over to vegetative limbo — hanging on Labor office rather than going back to work for lower salary. My assumption is, that this damage is bigger than those 73millons on Front side of the story. Hot summer in the central Europe.

Monday, July 02, Temperature climbs far above 30deg Celsius and it shows, that climate is really changing - our area is getting warmer. If this is global effect, we do not know as we do not perceive the weather globally, but locally, where we live. Yes, it might be that also other parts of world gets warmer, as we see it from melting glaciers in Alps. But this all is still only a small fraction of Earth size and surface and volume of the atmosphere. Majority of the energy and volume is in and above the oceans, less populated, with no media attention and supervision.

Those - most important - data and measurements are processed by international corporations and research organizations, which are collecting, processing and interpreting enough data to get a true global picture of our climate. Such way, only small group of people has this picture and than can share it with rest of us - through its medial presentations and outputs. We, local people are dependent upon their messages. But what to do when those messages are contradictory? And only in the 80s do the lovebirds go on to shatter class divisions by flash-mobbing hotel guests at dinner time. Is she even legal? Johnny is diffident and chippy, a man so passive he is practically ravished against his will by a cougar hotel guest.

Batman was a camp clown in tights with a boyish ward clad in lycra, not a solipsistic Dark Knight, and Gigi could Thank Heaven for Little Girls without triggering a police investigation. This becomes clear when Johnny is wrongly blamed for a string of thefts. His alibi is that he was in bed with Baby on the night of the crime.

The girl causes outrage by confirming this to the hotel manager. In front of her parents. At the dinner table. Baby proves that a sense of entitlement can breed a fearlessness that delivers results.

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