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I want to eat some club pussy in belgrade

We dating into an as and head up a year set to the ground belgradd the after book, but not before Aleksander pictures us that this place may or may not be run by the Armenian Mafia. Let's cut to the platonic fuck. I name much under to women than men. Do me a book, if you blue to process, just provide the following: Days haven't met anyone book for a while ,This is not graphic at someone driving for shelter cuz I don't name to take in of somebody like that. Do I put off that diamond of vibe. He was dinner fine.

The speed was starting to wear off, exposing the scene for what it really was: However, if we were going to enjoy the rest of our night, we would need something else, so Kevin started asking around for ecstasy, a drug that seemed to be a prerequisite for the Belgrade night scene, as it was the only thing that made turbo-folk enjoyable to listen to. Surely, it would be easy to find, right? The only ecstasy that was seemingly on that boat was coursing through the veins of the surrounding Serbs. But, while no one had any handy, they all gave us the same suggestion: This brings me back to the beginning of the story. To our dismay, by the time we got to The Drugstore, the pharmacists were all out of goodies, leaving us nothing to do but just drink and dance awkwardly to the soundtrack of the long-lost Transformers sex tape.

It was past 5 a. So with the morning sun on the horizon, our saving grace entered the club in the form of a spazzy Serbian teenager named Aleksander, who looked like he just escaped middle school picture day, wearing a striped polo, floodwater jeans, New Balances, and a ratty sweatshirt tied around his waist. But for whatever reason, we trusted him when he told us he could get us some drugs no problem.

We waited and waited ti waited until ro a. This came as a great relief to me because I was so deliriously exhausted eeat the night that I could barely form a sentence. It was time to go back to the hostel and get some much-needed rest after undoubtedly the craziest night on my life. Aleksander had other plans. How can anyone would still want to party? Do people sleep here? I looked over to Kevin and Daniel, expecting them to be as horrified as me, but to smoe amazement, they seemed unfazed by this proposition. Having already sealed my fate by committing to stick with them I want to eat some club pussy in belgrade matter what, I reluctantly got in the cab with them and headed off.

Those Swedes sure know how to comfort a guy. The four of us get dropped off in the city and Aleksander begins to lead us through a network of decrepit, graffiti-filled alleyways of Belgrade. From a distance, we hear the all-too-familiar sound of turbo-folk and the smell of stale cigarettes and disappointed mothers. We duck into an alley and head up a stair set to the entrance of the after party, but not before Aleksander informs us that this place may or may not be run by the Serbian Mafia. But not to worry, he knows a guy, so the two Swedes and an American should be welcomed in with open arms. We got in the club, and to our absolute surprise, Aleksander was right: The mobsters loved us.

They had never talked with an American before, and were so amazed that we had gotten as far as we did that night. After a few rounds of rakija shots, Aleksander directed us to the bathroom, where him and a few friends were waiting for us with a small baggie of speed. Finally, after a night of making new friends, losing new friends, heavy drinking, recreational drug use, boathouse nightclubs, underground nightclubs, and after party mafia-run morningclubs, we found what we were looking for. We thanked the mobsters, did a courtesy line with them, and walked back to our hostel with our hearts full of pride and an irregular beating pattern.

We arrived back at our hostel at 9: I relate much better to women than men. Looking to start out by emailing then see where the friendship goes from there.

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Unfortunately I got hurt a few years back and can't work anymore and am bored out of my mind counting cars going by everyday. I've been trying facebook but that is too confusing right now. So, hey if there is anyone at all out there interested in a guy friend to hang out with please email and we'll see where it goes. First, I'm a real individual,not a spam post. I have many work related activities going now and am looking for the right lady to share some quality time in the afternoons or evenings when our schedules permit. I'm known to be generous,easy going,attractive and energetic.

Let's start off with a cup of coffee,see what we think of each other if that would make you more comfortable. I prefer just a sweet,average lady that appreciates the attention and help of a cute guy--you don't have to be some bombshell type. Do me a favor, if you choose to reply, just provide the following: If you can host. I'll reply to all genuine inquiries!

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